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(10 minutes) A quick intro to the low-degree polynomial method for detection, recovery, and optimization
Bernoulli-IMS One World Symposium, Aug. 2020
[video] [slides]

(50 minutes) The low-degree method for (detection and) recovery
Stanford ISL Colloquium, Oct. 2020
[video] [slides] [paper]

(45 minutes) The low-degree method for random optimization problems
Simons Institute Workshop on Learning and Testing in High Dimensions, Dec. 2020
[video] [slides] [paper1] [paper2]

(50 minutes) Optimal Spectral Recovery of a Planted Vector in a Subspace
One World MINDS Seminar
[video] [paper]

(20 minutes) Counterexamples to the Low-Degree Conjecture
ITCS 2021
[video] [slides] [paper]

(40 minutes) Subexponential-Time Algorithms for Sparse PCA
MIT MIFODS Workshop on Learning under Complex Structure, Jan. 2020
[video] [slides] [paper]

(35 minutes) The Kikuchi Hierarchy and Tensor PCA
IPAM Workshop on Mathematical Foundations and Algorithms for Tensor Computations, May 2021
[video] [slides] [paper]

Lecture series on the low-degree polynomial method
Simons Institute, Fall 2020
(1 hour) Part I: overview, detection, planted clique [video]
(1 hour) Part II: more on detection, sparse PCA [video]
(1 hour) Part III: recovery [video]
(1 hour) Part IV: random optimization problems [video]